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HIST: Senior Seminar: Books and eBooks



Tips and Tricks

Finding Books in I-Share

You can search I-Share for books and other materials related to historical research by subject heading. General subject headings in history follow a specific pattern: Place name -- Subdivision -- Time period.

For example:

Illinois - History - Civil War, 1861-1865

Sometimes, however, you may find an alternate pattern, with a specific subject listed first.

For example:

Women social reformers - Illinois - Chicago - History

For more information, consult the Library of Congress Authorities online  which contains the subject headings used in I-Share and other library catalogs. Look under the place name or subject to see the appropriate subdivisions and time periods.

You can also browse the general collection by call number:

973.1   Discovery and exploration to 1607
973.2   Colonial period, 1607-1775
973.3   Revolution and confederation, 1775-1789
973.4   Constitutional period, 1789-1809
973.5   Early 19th century, 1809-1845
973.6   Middle 19th century, 1845-1861
973.7   Civil War, 1861-1865
973.8   Later 19th century, 1865-1901
973.9   20th century, 1901-


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