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NRHL 3315: Perspectives of Professional Nursing Practice: Welcome

Library Module

After completing this library module you should be able to:

  • Determine if a source is primary or secondary
  • Locate primary and secondary sources from the BenU Library website





Here is a short quiz to assess your understanding of this session on library instruction and what it entails. Please complete and submit it electronically after you submit your first paper on Nurse Theorists. Thank you! 


My cell phone 847-312-4845


RECENTLY THE LIBRARY WEBSITE HAS CHANGED. Here is a short video on how to navigate the new Benedictine University Library website.



Kindlon Hall
5700 College Rd.
Lisle, IL 60532
(630) 829-6050


Gillett Hall
225 E. Main St.
Mesa, AZ 85201
(480) 878-7514