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NRHL 3315: Perspectives of Professional Nursing Practice: Part 2: Finding Primary Sources


Primary sources can come in multiple format types, such as a video interview, print book, eBook or journal article. Below are the steps for finding each type. 

Video Interviews

Click on the link below to access the Librarys collection of video interviews with nurse theorists. If the video shows a nurse theorist talking about her theory, then it is a primary source. If the video is about the nurse theorist but does not have an interview, it is a secondary source.

Nurse Authored Books

Many nurse authors have written book about their nurse theory. You can search the Library Catalog by author to find these primary sources.  Use the search box below to find books in our collection written by a nurse theorist. Example book written by Jean Watson on her theory.

Nursing The Philosophy and Science


Nurse Authored Articles

You can search for articles written by nurse theorists in our library databases including the ones linked below. Watch the video to see how to search for articles in the library databases. You can use the box below to search for articles or access the Articles tab from the library website.


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