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Bioinformatics Research Guide: Metabolic and Biochemical pathways - Databases

Biological Magnetic Resonance Data Bank

Biological Magnetic Resonance Data Bank. This is a list of some metabolic pathways that the BMRB and PDB have spectroscopy data on. Select a metabolic pathway to see a list of associated genes.

Metabolic and Biochemical Pathways

WikiPathways is a wiki style database of metabolic and biochemical pathways found in a multitude of model organisms. Each pathway is annotated with each gene or protein involved in the process and provides links to resources further describing the gene or protein of interest. 


Operating Institution(s): WikiPathways

Supporting Institution(s): Netherlands Bioinformatics CenterNational Institutes of Health - Institute of General MedicineMaastricht UniversityTransnational University Limburg


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ThYme (the Thioester-active enzYme database) presents enzymes involved in fatty acid and polyketide synthesis, as well as other enzymes acting on thioester-containing substrates.


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