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Information Literacy: Engaging Our Digital Natives Faculty Forums: Writing Workshops: Spring 2018


Learning Activity: Conversation

Have students imagine themselves in conversation with the author(s) of their assigned reading

  • What questions would the students like to pose to the author(s)?
  • In turn, what questions would the author(s) ask them?

This exercise can also be used for a conversation with an artist about a work of art, a composer about a piece of music, etc.

Information Creation As A Process

Citation Mapping

Learning Objective: Students will be able to understand citation mapping in order to evaluate the impact of a work (and find more info on the topic).


Have students select a seminal work on a topic, and then identify sources that preceded and continued the conversation, analyzing the impact of the seminal work on the field.

Primary Sources: The Civil Rights Movement

Fair Use - "I Have A Dream" Speech

CORA: Community of Online Research Assignments




CORA stands for Community of Online Research Assignments. It is an open access resource for faculty and librarians. It is intended to be a collaborative space for adapting and experimenting with research assignments and sharing the success or lessons learned so that others may benefit. The database will contain multiple, reliable and reproducible research assignments that will not live as isolated entities, but are enhanced by user feedback in order to build a rich corpus of best practices.

ACRL Information Literacy Sandbox

A  resource for those seeking to engage the Framework in their instructional practice

23 Framework Things

23 Framework Things

A place to read, reflect, and respond to prompts and big questions surrounding the implementation of the Framwork.


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