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Information Literacy: Engaging Our Digital Natives
Engaging Our Digital Natives

About the Seminars

Benedictine University Library - Engaging Our Digital Natives Workshops










This series of seminars is designed to support Inquiry Curriculum Essential Student Learning Goal #3: Information Fluency 

  • Navigate different information formats and media technologies to find pertinent information
  • Evaluate sources of information critically to conduct responsible research
  • Become an active, informed and creative user of established and emerging technologies

During these workshops we hope to

  • Introduce faculty to some emerging technology skills
  • Promote discussion of the new Information Literacy Framework
    • Learning outcomes: what should our students be able to do?
    • How is the library prepared to offer to support?
    • How can Information Fluency be developed through course work and co-curricular activities?
  • Provide information on developing rubrics and assessment tools

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