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Information Literacy: Teaching & Learning: BU Learning Activities

Finding Reliable Information Online

Learning Activity: Conversation

Have students imagine themselves in conversation with the author(s) of their assigned reading

  • What questions would the students like to pose to the author(s)?
  • In turn, what questions would the author(s) ask them?

This exercise can also be used for a conversation with an artist about a work of art, a composer about a piece of music, etc.

Information Creation As A Process

Citation Mapping

Learning Objective: Students will be able to understand citation mapping in order to evaluate the impact of a work (and find more info on the topic).


Have students select a seminal work on a topic, and then identify sources that preceded and continued the conversation, analyzing the impact of the seminal work on the field.

Primary Sources: The Civil Rights Movement

Fair Use - "I Have A Dream" Speech


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