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BenSearch: Access a Journal Article

Quick Links

Some records display Quick links – direct links to PDF and HTML full text articles.  Currently available for 19 content providers (including ScienceDirect, Sage, Springer, Wiley, and JSTOR).

BenSearch Quick Links

Access an Online Journal Article

When a resource is available online through BenSearch, it will either have the status of "Available Online" below the title of the resource, or a direct link to the resource (typically as a PDF). For some periodicals (journals, newspapers, etc.), the issue contents are also directly linked so you can easily explore the other items published in that specific issue.

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Off-campus, you may be asked to enter your Benedictine University login information.

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You now have access to the full text article.

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Having trouble accessing a journal?

For search results beyond the Benedictine Library Catalog, BenSearch uses a centralized index that encompasses hundreds of millions of records of global or regional significance that are harvested from primary and secondary publishers and aggregators. The number of records is constantly growing as additional data sources are added. Bringing these results back to BenSearch and attempting to “blend” them in with the rest of the results from the central index sometimes causes significant issues and errors

Should you have difficulty retrieving an article, please ask a Librarian for help or search for articles using the EBSCO Articles tab on the library homepage.   

EBSCO Articles tab

Note: Only selected databases are included in an EBSCO Articles search.  Click on the Databases link on the red toolbar on the library webpage to access all the library databases.

Databases Shortcut


Citation-Chain Opportunity

Do you need additional resources for your topic?

Try Citation Chaining: use one source as a way to find related documents in a forwards or backwards process.

  • Backward Chaining: Looking at a document to see what that document has cited. An excellent source for this would be the references listed at the end of a scholarly journal article.  BenSearch provides links to these items:

Cited in


  • Forward Chaining:  You start with one work and then look at works that have cited that document. In many databases or Google Scholar you can view this by looking at a "Cited by" or "Times Cited" feature which will tell you who has cited the document you are currently looking at.


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