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BenSearch: Refine Your Results

BenSearch offers may opportunities to manage and refine your searching.

For example, the moment you begin to enter words into the search box, you have the option to limit your search to books, articles, etc.

Search - Vaping

Let's begin to explore the various ways you can refine your search results from the results screen.

Vaping - Search Results

Sort Feature


Sort defaults to display the most relevant items first, but you may wish to see the newest materials first, or sort the results by author or title.  The choice is yours!

Limit by Date and Availability

You may wish to limit your search to a particular time frame.

Limit by date


If you are unable to access physical library materials (print books, DVDs, etc.), you may wish to limit your search to items available online.

Limit by date and availability

Resource Types

Select (or eliminate) the types of resources you choose to use in your research.  The number of resources found in each category is listed in parenthesis.

Resource Types

You also have the option to deselect certain categories:

Deselect Resource Types

Refine Your Search Tems

Review the list of subjects to further refine your search.

Limit by Subject

You can also exclude subjects to further narrow your search.

Exclude a subject

Limit by Language

You can limit your search by language.

Limit by language

Our Refined Search

Refined Search

Every time you set a filter, Search It will display the filter at the top of the results set.

You can remove the filter by clicking the X in the tile for that search filter. When you do this, your results will immediately update.

See Also:

Many of these refinements can also be made when you compose your strategy in the Advanced Search function.


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