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BenSearch: Advanced Search Form

Field Selector

The Field Selector allows you search all fields or to narrow your search to a particular field (author, title, subject, etc.)

Advanced Search - Fields

For example, select Author to locate materials written by William Shakespeare:


BenSearch - Author - Shakespeare

Search Limits

You can limit your search by Resource type (format):

BenSearch - filter by format

Filter by Language:

BenSearch - Limit by Language


Filter by date:For date entry, Day and Month selections apply only to articles and can otherwise be ignored..  To search for records within a single year, enter the year in both the start and end fields.

BenSearch - Filter by Date

Search Type

BenSearch - Search type / terms


  • contains:  The term(s) is/are found anywhere in the selected field
  • Is (exact):  The term(s) is/are found as entered into the search box.  This is maily useful for phrases.  Not case sensitive.
  • Starts with: Titles that start with the terms entered.  (This applies only to titles).

Boolean Operators

To refine your search,by adding additional search terms.  You can add up to 7 additional query lines:

BenSearch - Query Lines


Link multiple query lines with Boolean search operators AND, OR or NOT:

BenSearch - Boolean Operators


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