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BenSearch: Select and Access Resources

Select an Item

Click on a title to view additional information about an item.

Select an item to review

Hint: When viewing the list of results, be sure to take note of the format icons that appear next to the results. For instance, sometimes we own book reviews, but not the actual book.

Various format icons that appear in Search It

Details Page Features

When you click on a title, the details page for the resource appears.  Here are some of its features:

Author, Subject Headings, Description

On the details page, you will see options for saving, sending, printing, etc.

options to send, print, cite, etc.


Citation Help

Click on " for help in creating citations in MLA, APA, and other formats:

Citation Help



Virtual Browse

Virtual Browse

If browsing the library shelves is your preferred research style, the Virtual Browse feature will allow you to see other materials available in a call number area.


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