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Library DIY Orientation: Find Scholarly Journal Articles

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In the mid-20th century, libraries and archives began using microfilm as a way to preserve decaying newspaper collections. Deteriorating books and newspapers were preserved on film in order to maintain accessibility and use.

There are still many advantages to microforms today:

  • Microforms are compact and inexpensive, allowing libraries to expand collections, while reducing storage and other costs.
  • When produced properly, microforms have a life expectancy of up to 500 years and are easy to maintain.
  • Access to rare, valuable, or fragile items is enabled and there are very few incidents of microform theft.

Our microfilm collection is located on the lower level of the library.  A reader/printer is available to view them.

Benedictine Library Microfilm Reader/Printer

BenSearch will help you locate the call numbers of newspapers and journals in our microfilm collection.  Search Journals by Title.

Here is an example of the record for Life magazine:

Life magazine record

There is a print index to the New York Times here: PER 071.471 N42


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