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Immigration: Search Terms

Key Words & Subject Headings to Help You Compose Your Searches

Search tip:  Keep your search general.

Begin with a keyword search, for example

immigra* and vietnam*

vietnamese americans and politic*

(Note that the * is a truncation symbol, e.g. immigra* returns results for immigrantimmigrantsimmigration, etc.)

When you find a record for a book that looks useful, take a look at the subject headings. These subject headings are clickable links that run a new search. Searching by these subject headings may help find resources that don't turn up with an initial keyword search. They might also give you ideas of other search terms to use in your keyword search.


Also try searches of

[ethnic group name] -- Biography  
[ethnic group name] -- History  
[ethnic group name] -- Social conditions  
[country of origin] -- Emigration and immigration -- History

for example:


Distinctions between three often confused terms.

emigrate: to leave one's country or region to settle in another
(Each year many people emigrate from Europe.)

immigrate: to enter and settle in a country of which one is not a native, usually for permanent residence
(There are many reasons to immigrate to the United States.)

migrate: to go from one country, region, or place to another, especially periodically
(Rural populations have migrated to urban areas.)



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