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Boolean Logic for searching databases

Here you will find information on using library resources to find scholarly literature and perform searches using Boolean operators OR, AND, NOT. This is called formulating a search strategy to find relevant records in a database.

Boolean searches allow you to combine words and phrases using the words AND, OR, NOT (known as Boolean operators) to limit, broaden, or define your search. A good researcher should know how to do a Boolean Search.

"AND" logic

AND : Using AND narrows a search by combining terms.


"OR" logic

OR : Using OR broadens a search to include results that contain either of the words you're looking for.

"NOT" logic

NOT : Using NOT will narrow a search by exclusion. (Some search engines, like Google, recognize the minus (-) symbol, instead of the word NOT)

.Quotations: Placing quotations around a specific phrase will help you narrow results in order to find information containing that exact wording.


See the variant spelling: Food Service OR Foodservice. Foodservice is a system hence the subsystems all work in unison to perform the stated service. In systems theory, the sum of the parts is greater than the whole (synergistic).

Second the iterative nature of the systems. Each of the systems will have the same subsystems to work in unison.



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