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Summer Reading Program 2023: Dr. Ellen Ziliak

Dr. Ellen Ziliak, Professor of Mathematics and Computational Sciences

The Reading

The Reflection Questions

  • With the boom of Artificial Intelligence being used in so many applications can you think of other areas where bias in training data can have negative affects?  

  • Districts are redrawn after the census is taken since different districts gain and loose seats depending on how the population has fluctuated. Can you think of ways we could change our elections to remove the bias of gerrymandering? Do you think there is a perfect election design?  

  • Did you know that race is a social construct? What defines a person’s race? How do you know your own race? Think back to when you first learned your race. Should it play a role if any in health research and studying risks to different populations? 

  • Have you ever learned how you learn? What do you need to do to understand concepts? What should be the goal of education, an accumulation of facts or learning how to acquire knowledge? Which skill has more utility in your future career? 



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