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PSYC 3314-3315: Learning and Cognition: Find Articles Using Google Scholar

Connect Google Scholar to the BenU Library's Collection

1. Starting in Google Scholar, choose Settings.

Google Scholar Settings


2. Choose Library Links. Search “Benedictine” and check the boxes. Search "Worldcat" and check the box. Click Save.

Google Scholar Library Links


You're done! Now when you search in Google Scholar, your results page will include BenU Library links along the right.

Google Scholar BenU Library Links


Search Google Scholar

Google Scholar promotes itself as a resource that provides one-stop shopping for scholarly literature. It searches across many disciplines and covers a wide variety of resources, including journal articles, theses, books, abstracts, and more. Although Google Scholar is aimed at the academic community, it uses a very broad definition of "scholarly literature." 

It is important to realize that not everything in Google Scholar is peer reviewed.

Try a search:

Google Scholar Search

Tutorial: Using Google Scholar

Search Tips

Some recommended search terms:

"attention AND perception"

"avoidance conditioning"

"brain mapping"

"classical conditioning"

"human consciousness"

"human intelligence AND artificial intelligence"

"human intelligence" AND "artificial intelligence"

"instrumental learning"

"language acquisition"

"learning AND cognition"

"mental imagery"

"reinforcement AND punishment"

"retention AND forgetting"

"short term memory AND long term memory"

"short term memory" AND "long term memory"

"stimulus generalization"


Remember to evaluate websites for reliability and accuracy before you use them in your research assignments.


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