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WRIT 1102: Business: Home

Use these short tutorials to review your research skills:

WRIT 102 Business: Guide Index

Use the resources in this guide to help you achive the essential Information Literacy learning goals have been identified for this class:

a. Navigate different information formats and media technologies to find pertinent information


  • Link to the Research Guide for Business

    This resource will guide you through the steps of the research process. These steps will help you to locate and evaluate information for your research project and to document the sources you locate.

b. Evaluate sources of information critically to conduct responsible research

  • Link to the Evaluation of Resources guide

    This resource will help you develop the critical evaluation skills to select the best books, journal ariticles, and web sites to support your research projects.
  • Link to the resources posted in the Information Ethics tab
    • Learn how to avoid Plagiarism
    • Learn some Copyright basics
    • Learn about the correct  (and legal) way to use images
    • Learn where to locate style guides to help you cite your sources.

c. Become an active, informed, and creative user of established and emerging technologies

  • Link to the resources posted in the Digital Literacy tab
    • Learn about  Digital Literacy
    • Test your Digital Literacy Skills
    • Try some activities to strengthen your Digital Literacy skills


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