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ChatGPT: Let's Not All Panic At Once: ChatGPT: What is it?

ChatGPT and Open AI

ChatGPT was created by the company Open AI, an artificial intelligence company created in 2015 to promote and develop friendly AI. ChatGPT officially launched in November 2022, and has garnered both high praise for its intelligent answers across a wide variety of disciplines and criticisms for its limitations and implications for academic honesty.

How does ChatGPT Work?

"At its core, the technology is based on a type of artificial intelligence called a language model, a prediction system that essentially guesses what it should write, based on previous texts it has processed. GPT was built by training its AI with an extraordinarily large amount of data, much of which comes from the vast supply of data on the internet, along with billions of dollars, including initial funding from several prominent tech billionaires, including Reid Hoffman and Peter Thiel."

Because of its incredible ability to mimic human language cadences and models, the staggering amounts of data inputted into the system, and its user friendly interface, ChatGPT is becoming a powerful (but not always accurate) model for how AI is starting to mimic human abilities. 


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