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Food Justice, Insecurity & Hunger: Key Words & Subject Headings

Use in BenSearch, EBSCO Articles, and Database Searching


  • "Global food insecurity" OR "Global food security" 
  • "Food security" AND a specific country/region (e.g., "Food insecurity" AND Nigeria)
  • "Global food security" AND Children
  • "Global food security" AND Health 
  • "Global hunger"
  • "Global food crisis"
  • "Food insecurity" OR "Food security" 
  • "Food security" AND (America OR "United States" OR USA or US)
  • "Food security" AND Illinois
  • "Food security" AND DuPage County
  • "Food security" AND "College Students"
  • "Food security" AND Children
  • "Food security" AND Health 
  • "Food stamps" OR SNAP OR "supplemental nutrition assistance program"
  • "Food access"
  • "Food pantry" AND (College OR University)
  • "Food deserts" AND Chicago
  • Agricultural development projects
  • Agricultural productivity
  • Famine
  • Food industry and trade
  • Food relief
  • Food supply
  • Humanitarian assistance
  • Hunger
  • International relief
  • Malnutrition
  • Nutrition policy
  • World hunger



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