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BIOL 5505A Global Challenges for the Health Services Professional: Home

What is included here

This is a course guide to "Global Challenges for the Health Services Professional" focused on conducting literature searches in Medicine and Health Sciences. The searches will involve a recorded live session on a specific topic in PUBMED, NCBI, Web of SCience (WOS)

The 6 most challenging global health issues are

  • Pandemics. ...
  • Environmental factors. ...
  • Economic disparities and access to health care. ...
  • Political factors. ...
  • Noncommunicable diseases. ...
  • Animal health, food sourcing, and supply.

For this course in explaining how to conduct literature search the topic I will chose is Environmental factors. As we proceed you will see that most issues are not national but global, due to the disappearing borders that have made human travel accessible to move around freely in the world.



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