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BIOL 4340: Cell Biology: PUBMED Search

Where to start? Search strategy

Step 1

What are the key words? 

Key words:     Cell model in Prion Diseases

Key words are natural language terms, that is spoken language terms

We are going to use Boolean operators AND, OR, NOT, to combine our key words in some meaningful way to retrive most relevant articles on our topic from the literature.

Cell* model* 

Most databases you can use truncation. 

The next key word or concept is Prion Diseases

So again we are going to use synonyms or related trems with an OR in between.

Prion Disease*

Step 2: We use AND to combine the two concepts in a search statement:

(cell* model*) AND (Prion disease*)

Step 3: Do a search in PUBMED. Look at subjects the article is indexed under.

Step 4: Download full text of articles.




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