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Mesa WRIT 1101: Writing Colloquium: Activity #3: Finding Reliable Information Online

Finding Reliable Information Online

Please allow yourself at least an hour to complete all the activities below.
  • Set your own pace. 
  • The tutorial is presented in 4 parts so you can take a break between lessons if you wish.
  • Be sure to submit to receive credit for this assignment.

The tutorials, films, and activities below will replace the in-class library presentation.


Lesson #1

Lesson #2

Lesson #3

Lesson #4


Before you read the article, stop!
Before you share the video, stop!
Before you act on a strong emotional response to a headline, stop!
Ask yourself: Do I know this website? Do I know this information source? Do I know it's reputation?
Before moving forward, use the other three moves: Investigate the Source, Find Better Coverage, and Trace Claims, Quotes, and Media back to the Original Context.


Remembering SIFT won’t make you an expert in pandemics, or help you definitively resolve more complex questions. But by using SIFT before you engage with sources (before you share, but even before you read or view) you’ll be able to apply your attention more productively, and over time your understanding of the issues you follow online will improve. On the other hand, if you fail to SIFT, you may find the more time you spend online the less you know.

You will learn more Information Literacy skills in your future course work - especially in WRIT 1102 where you will be introduced to library resources and skills you will need  to support you in the scholarly research you will be expected to perform in your college classes.

For now, build the small habits of SIFT, and you’ll avoid the vast majority of the errors most people make online. You’ll get smarter, and through sharing better information with your community, your community will get smarter as well.

Bonus Activity: Evaluating Social Media


Just for Fun: Play the Fakeout Game!

Your social media feed has been infected by false information. Your job is to learn the skills of verification, so you can sort fact from fiction — in the game, and in real life.


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