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Bucks for Books: Buck$ for Books Program

This January, be a part of the University Library’s First Ever BUCK$ for BOOKS Initiative! This program will help the library grow its textbook collection, which provides access to books used in many current courses for all Benedictine students. Just bring us your textbooks from previous courses, and we’ll give you $25 for each book you donate!  See terms and conditions below.

Why should I participate?

Your gently used books will go directly to the library’s textbook collection, which supports members of the Benedictine community who can’t afford to pay for textbooks. The beautiful legacy of this donation is that your generosity will benefit multiple students who will now be able to access their course materials for free. Amazon can offer you a buyback deal, but we can offer you the chance to make a lasting impact on present and future Benedictine students. And the best part is that for every textbook you give to the library through this program, we’ll give you $25.


How do I donate my textbooks?

Bring your textbooks to the Library Circulation Desk, located in the lower level of Kindlon Hall. You will need to complete the Buck$ for Books participation form and Cash Acknowledgement form for each item you are turning in to the library. You can complete the participation form online ahead of time, or you can fill out the form in the library. The Cash Acknowledgement form requires a signature and must be completed on paper.


When can I donate my textbooks?

The Library will be accepting textbook donations from Tuesday, January 17, 2023 through Friday, February 3, 2023. A second drop-off period will be scheduled in May 2023 around the time of final exams.


Where can I drop off my textbooks?

Books must be turned in at the Circulation Desk in the Lower Level of Kindlon Library. A member of the library staff will receive your book, ensure your forms are complete, and provide you a copy of the Cash Acknowledgement Form(s) in exchange for your items.


Which textbooks will you accept?

Textbooks must be used in a current Benedictine course program. We will accept up to 10 copies of textbooks that were required for courses offered in Fall 2021 or later. We will accept editions of the book up to 1 edition behind the assigned textbook for the course.

Special note for faculty: The library appreciates your assistance in building up our textbook lending collection. Our decisions about which books are relevant are based in data provided by E-Campus, Benedictine's bookstore provider. If you do not currently use the Textbook Adoption program through E-Campus, please consider filling out our Textbook Information Form. This will help us better provide access to the books that you use in your courses. We also welcome and encourage you to participate in our buyback program alongside your students.


Is there a book limit?

The library will accept up to 10 items from each participant in the program. 


If my books are used, can I still donate them?

We will accept books that are gently used, including books that have writing or highlighting, so long as the text is not obscured. We will NOT accept books with major damage, including:

  • Spine damage
  • Pages loose or missing
  • Extensive staining, especially from food or drink
  • Water damage
  • Books with extensive tearing to the cover or the text block

We are also unable to accept textbooks that are:

  • Rental textbooks
  • Digital access codes
  • Single-use or ancillary materials such as workbooks or activity sheets

Acceptance criteria are at the discretion of the library staff.

How much are my books worth?

All textbooks that meet the acceptance criteria will be purchased by the library for $25. Participants will receive $25 for each book that they contribute, regardless of the purchase price of the textbook or how gently used the book is. Each participant may contribute up to 10 items.


How do I get paid?

All payments will be in cash. When you bring your titles to the library, you will fill out the required participation form. The library will pay you in cash at the time of receipt of the books.

Who can participate?

Any members of the Benedictine community may donate textbooks, but only faculty, staff, and students are eligible for the $25 buyback.

How is the Library funding this project?

Through the GEER II Fund grant, the University Library received $10,000 to use as incentives for the Benedictine community to donate textbooks to update our textbook collection in the Library.

Please see the Library’s Gift and Donation Policy for more information.


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