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Google Scholar: Access Articles from the Benedictine Library Collection

Set Your "Library Links"

Did you know that you can configure Google Scholar to offer links to articles available through the the Benedictine Library? Changing a few simple settings is all that's needed.

First, open Google Scholar:

Google Scholar Search


  1. Click on the expansion menu  ( hamburger icon) in the upper left corner of the Google Scholar search page
  2. Select Settings 

    Google Scholar Settings
  3. Select Library Links

    Google Scholar - Library Links
  4. Search "Benedictine"
  5. Check the boxes

    Google Scholar - Benedictine
  6. Click Save and you're done!

Other Personalizations

There are a few other personalizations you can make to Google Scholar.

Start by selecting the Settings button from the top of the Google Scholar screen.

  • You can customize how your search results appear.
  • If you use a specific citation management program like EndNote or RefWorks, you can select it here. You'll see an "Import to EndNote/etc" button under the citations in your results list instead of a generic "Cite" button.
  • Select your language preferences. Choose to have Google text display in a language other than English, or choose to only show results from webpages written in other languages originally.
  • Set up a "Library" page (see the  My Library tab)


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