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Faith & Justice 2020: August 5

How Does The Rule of St. Benedict Relate to Us Today?

St. Benedict

Of course, it’s great if people want to read the entire Rule, but we will focus on these chapters:

  • Prologue
  • Ch. 2 Qualities of the Abbot (remember he was poisoned at least twice)
  • Ch.. 4 The Tools for Good Works
  • Ch. 7 Humility
  • Ch. 53 The Reception of Guests
  • Ch. 72 The Good Zeal of Monks
  • Ch. 73 This Rule is Only a Beginning of Perfection

Companion Reading

The Monastary of the Heart

The 3rd annual Faith & Justice Summer Reading Group

This reading and discussion program is the result of a partnership between Campus Ministry, Intercultural Education, the BenU Library, and the Center for Mission, Ministry, and Inclusion.  It grew out of a desire to continue expanding our knowledge base about faith and social justice issues.  We try to keep the readings short, and the discussion is always lively.  No specialized knowledge is necessary or assumed.


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