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Engaging the Mission - 2015-2016

Summary and Objective

Develop evening Engaging the Mission Seminar Series with subsequent discussion the following day at the Conversatio Roundtable Discussion. These events are designed to empower university employees with the tools necessary to engage, promote, and live the university mission in their everyday work. Topical focus will change on a monthly basis. Seminars and discussions will be led by an appropriate facilitator well-versed in the Benedictine tradition. Seminars will have required pre-readings specifically selected to empower our employees with knowledge of our Benedictine mission, values, and hallmarks, and the Catholic intellectual tradition.


  1. Help employees gain a better understanding of what distinguishes us a Catholic and Benedictine institution of higher education.
  2. Enrich the workplace by empowering University community members with information and tools to better serve the University mission.
  3. Develop a stronger, more engaged, mission-focused institutional culture through seminars that discuss topics that relate the University mission to operations – both academic and service
  4. Instill a desire for further and more intense mission integration workshops.

Monthly Topics

  • Overview of Catholic and Benedictine Higher Education
  • Hospitality and Living in Community
  • Ecumenical and Interreligious Dialogue
  • Academic Freedom in the Context of the Church
  • Service and the Common Good

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